How do I prevent hair breakage?

Hair breakage It is common for all people to experience hair loss and breakage over time. Not only with age but sometimes in children and young boys and girls too, hair loss and breakage can occur.  There are many reasons for this, like heat styling, chemical treatments, physical treatment, and stress are also causes of hair breakage.

 Sometimes you straighten your hair repeatedly and also because of the heat of the straightener.  Hair starts breaking because the heat in it damages the protein molecules found in the hair, hairs are basically protein.

 There are many steps you can follow to prevent your hair from breaking, can be made strong and healthy. In this article, we will tell you about the cause of hair breakage and its treatment. Will be proven,

Hair breakage

Hair begins to break when its roots become weak, causing the hair to fall out.  Due to breakage, hair becomes very thin, and split ends and people suffer from baldness. Sometimes hairs are broken and sometimes they can fall. We can you and apply treatment when we know it can hair breakage or hair fall.

Causes of Hair Breakage

Sometimes your hair loss is due to hair breakage.  Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify whether the cause of your excessive hair loss is your hair breakage or your hair is coming out from the root.

There is a difference between hair fall and hair breakage.  It is called hair fall and the hair that breaks in the middle is called hair breakage

The main cause of your hair breakage can be physical and chemical damage. And some nutritional components can also be caused by the hair dryer that we use.

Physical damage:

Combing: Sometimes we brush and comb too much, and also we have hairstyles that we pull the ponytail too much.

Chemical damage:

 Other than that we have chemical damage.  People bleach their hair. They do hair straightener treatments. In addition, they do coloring treatments. All these treatments damage the structure of the hair, and make the hair shaft very weak by damaging it.

  The more we do the treatment, the more our hair starts to fall and break. In the beginning, we don’t notice it that much, but with the passage of time, the hair loss becomes more severe.

Nutritional causes:

 Then there is also nutritional cause which is mostly due to a deficiency of vitamins which can be iron, biotin, zinc, vitamin D, and most of all omega-3.  Fatty acids. If you have a lot of hair breakage, you should definitely consult a dermatologist who will help you identify the problem and treat you in the best way.

How to prevent hair breakage/Preventing hair breakage at the crown

Don’t try to straighten your hair when it’s wet. Let it dry a bit. Comb it when it’s just a little damp because when hairs are wet and you should be combed then they will be broken definitely, when it is broken then your hairs will be thin.

Choose a good comb. Don’t comb it with metal tip brushes.  Brushes that are made of rubber should be used. Their tips are round.

Secondly, after washing the hair, be sure to use conditioner and conditioner should not be used on fruits, but from the middle and a little above the middle.  Also, you should not shake your hair after washing it, it causes your hair to break a lot.

Avoid the use of heat-styling tools

you should definitely avoid those tools that consist of heat. Because heat damages your hair protein. Our hairs mostly consist of protein molecules.

Manage stress

stress also damages your hair. So it is important to manage stress. In that case, yoga is very effective.

Wear a scarf when outdoors

it is very important to protect your hair from pollution, pollution damages your hair. When your hair is not covered then your hair cuticle will absorb pollution and it damages the medulla that will not work properly. So if you go outdoors cover your hair with a scarf.

Focus on your diet

It’s the little things that you can take care of that can make your hair much stronger, and thicker, grow, and prevent breakage. If you focus on your diet then your hair is strong and if your hair is strong then it will not absorb pollution and other fascial metals. A proper diet should improve your overall health. For strong and shiny hair, you should add green leafy vegetables.

If You Have a Hair Breakage

Hair damage and hair breakage are also caused by nutritional deficiency. Most of the time you have hair breakage due to nutritional deficiency so you do not eat the best food.  cannot reach the hair. Due to the lack of all vitamins and nutrients, your hair starts to break and fall. Different types of food should be used as your pets need protein in large quantities.

Protein is found in many foods and also contains biotin which is very important for your hair. Even if the water in your area is very hard, your hair can be damaged.  What should be avoided? Eat a healthy diet and eat foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, iron, and biotin.

Tips to avoid hair breakage

 Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. 

You should use a shampoo and conditioner according to your hair. Apply a shampoo and conditioner gently. Conditioner should be applied on your mid-to-tip hairs, not root hairs.

Condition your hair regularly. 

Condition your hair when you apply to mix it with water. It provides nourishing and shiny hair.

Detangle your hair gently. 

Comb your hair gently.

Limit your use of heat styling tools.

Don’t use too much hair straightener and blow dryer. Get regular trims.


We know that every person in the world has face hair problems. Many people do take not serious about hair problems seriously and don’t treat hair. Hairs provide structure to your face. Hair problem is a common problem but lots of things and tips that you adopt and avoid hair problem


How can you stop hair breakage?

We can stop hair breakage by Avoiding heat styling, getting regular trimming, brushing and combing our hair regularly, avoiding tight hairstyles, eating a healthy diet, and covering hair to protect your hair from ultraviolet rays.

Does broken hair grow back?

Yes, your hair grows back healthy only if you should provide care. Many things that avoid and many things to take in your hair care routine such as avoiding smoking, avoiding too much styling, avoiding too much dying and coloring, and taking a healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts milk, etc

Why is my hair breaking so easily?

Our hair breaks so easily because we cannot provide proper nourishment and many vitamins, minerals, and protein also. Your hair needs moisture and if we can’t provide it it will dry and frizzy then it may break easily.

How can I stop my hair from breaking naturally?

We can stop our hair from breaking naturally by using many things which include, making sure that our hair is moisturized, avoiding heat styling, and avoiding chemical treatment an many more.

What helps hair breakage grow?

Many things help hair breakage grow like timing your hair, avoiding too much washing, eat a healthy diet.

Believe In Yourself

Take care of your hair

Good luck

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