How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster: Advice for faster hair growth

Everyone has short hair, but only a few people have long hair. Today, due to the weather, hair fall is happening a lot. Some people’s hair falls a lot in certain seasons. Are you also suffering from hair fall, or the length of your hair has stopped and you want to grow it or your hair has become too thin and you want to make it thicker? 

If there is, it looks tiny and bad, similarly the hair becomes very thin, and the hair on men’s heads is much less visible. We are providing information to solve all these problems. Here are some bits of advice.  Which will help make your hair thick, long, and strong. It can speed up hair growth. This article contains useful information that can promote healthier and faster hair growth.

Know the basic principles of faster hair growth

Before moving on to the tips and tricks to grow hair longer and stronger, we need to understand the basic principles of hair growth. There are different stages of hair growth. Some of them we describe here.  These phases include the catagen phase and the telogen phase.

Anagen phase

Anagen phase is the first phase in which the hair grows about half an inch in each month. This phase lasts for several years. 

The catagen phase

During the catagen phase, the hair follicles begin to shrink, and separate from the dermal papilla. 

Telogen phase

During this phase, old hair falls out and new hair grows.

It is important to understand these stages in hair growth. If you are aware of these stages, you can take better care of your hair.

Tips and tricks for faster hair growth


Nutrition plays the most important role in hair growth and maintenance. Unless you consume the best diet, your body will be deficient in some vitamins or minerals that are harmful for hair.  The essential nutrients are as follows.   

Protein intake

Protein plays the most important role in hair growth.  You should understand that hair is only protein.  When hair is given the name of protein, you can imagine how important protein is for hair.  Protein is found in various things from where you can get it. These things include meat, fish, eggs, beans, nuts, green leafy vegetables, etc. These are very cheap and easy sources of protein.  You can get protein by eating all these things. 

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Vitamins are also of different types, they include vitamin A, C, D, E, and B complex, in addition to biotin, etc. also play an important role in the health of the scalp and hair growth. All these vitamins are important for hair growth. 


  Minerals include iron, zinc, etc., which optimize the health of hair follicles.  Consume foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. These are not only good for your hair but also your health. Nowadays people consume a lot of fast food due to which all these things are very rarely used. 

Feed your hair

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Nourish your hair the same way you nourish the rest of your body. Nourishing your hair involves many things. It includes natural oils that care for your hair. From the roots to each hair.  Provide hydration and nourishing ingredients to each strand.  These oils include coconut, avocado castor oil, etc.  Use all these applications for hair care. Regular use can make hair beautiful, long, thick, and strong. Use hair nutrients not only for styling but also for growth and development.

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Get trim

Trim your hair regularly. Trimming your hair doesn’t necessarily make your hair long, and if you don’t trim it, it won’t grow long. It doesn’t. Trimming your hair makes your hair beautiful and strong.  Because the hair lasts two months, for which it is necessary to trim it. Many times, the hair is damaged at the end, due to which it is necessary to trim it so that the rest of the hair is not damaged.

Omega 3

You must have heard about omega-3 fatty acids. There are three acids in omega-3 fatty acids. These three acids are combined to form omega-3 fatty acids. This fatty acid is found mostly in seafood.  Such as found in fish. Also found in flaxseed and almonds. It has an antioxidant property. It prevents hair fall. And prevents inflammation.  Helps in growth. Prevents hair from drying out and reduces dandruff.


Minoxidil is used to promote hair growth in people experiencing hair loss. It works by dilating blood vessels and improving blood flow. It is applied directly to the scalp It increases the oxygen supply to your hair and helps hair to grow longer, thicker, and stronger. It improves the phone and nutrient supply. It stimulates the hair growth process.  does not have the same effect on everyone. It may have different effects on different people. It does not necessarily work the same for all people. Consistency use is important.  It may take a long time to show the results. Using minoxidil makes the hair long, thick, and strong.

Consuming all these nutrients can work up your hair growth and hair loss.

Scalp Care for Faster Hair Growth

If the health of scalp is improved, your hair will be nourished optimally.  If your scalp is healthy, your hair will be strong.

Various tips for scalp and hair care are discussed.

Pamper your scalp

Wash your hair thoroughly and massage it. Massage improves blood circulation in the hair and makes the hair thicker. Hair growth is good. Shampoo the hair well and use conditioner. Protect the hair from ultraviolet rays, because the rays from the sun affect your hair as well as your skin. Also, minimize the use of chemicals and heat-styling tools.

Wash regularly to grow hair faster

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Keeping the scalp clean is very important to make the hair long, thick, and strong. The hair should be washed well. The hair should be brushed well before washing. Combing the hair well prevents the hair from getting tangled. your scalp will be clean then your hair will also be clean which will increase hair growth.  Regular hair washing keeps both the scalp and hair clean and reduces the risk of germs.

Scalp Massage

When you gently massage your hair, it improves the blood circulation in the scalp, which increases hair growth.  It is also important to moisturize the hair well. Massage the hair well with conditioner or natural oil. Also makes your hair beautiful and silky.  The oil also reduces the dryness of the hair. Applying shampoo to the hair is good, but do not apply the shampoo directly on the hair. First, pour the shampoo on your palm and add a few drops of water to the scalp. Wash the hair with warm water as needed.  First, wash the hair with warm water, then apply conditioner, and then rinse with warm water and then with cold water.

Condition your hair

Regular use of hair conditioner helps in hair growth and makes your scalp healthy.  The use of conditioner is good for hair growth. First of all, choose the best conditioner. Many conditioners contain a lot of chemicals that damage the hair. Choose the conditioner according to your hair type, a sulfate-free conditioner. Use the conditioner on the ends of the hair. It protects the hair from split ends. Brush well after applying the conditioner. Using a wide-tooth comb is very beneficial.  After applying the conditioner to the hair, massage it into the scalp with the help of your fingers. After applying it, wash the hair thoroughly with cold water.

Daily routine

Apart from all these things, it is also important to see how your lifestyle is.  Yes, what do you use to improve your scalp and hair health, how do you spend your day,

Hair growth nutrients

Many nutrients improve hair growth and make your hair healthy. Mention some nutrients that are very beneficial for hair. These nutrients include vitamins C, D, E, biotin, zinc, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, B vitamins, silica, etc. All these nutrients promote hair growth, making your hair grow and not just your hair.  All of these nutrients can be obtained from different sources such as oil glands, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, etc.

Stress management

Overthinking and being under tension can cause hair loss. Use techniques that minimize tension for hair growth. Stress has bad effects on your hair. When your mind is not relaxed by stress, the roots of your hair will not be strong as it will start to fall out.


Exercising in the morning keeps your body healthy as well as relaxes your mind. 


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Consuming adequate amounts of water improves your health.  Lack of water not only affects your hair but also your health. By incorporating all of these habits into your daily life, you can achieve fertility, and improve hair growth. 

Sleep on satin

Use a pillow that has minimal friction. Satin or silk pillowcases have a low-friction surface that reduces friction between your hair compared to cotton or other materials.  Reduces hair breakage. It’s great for healthy hair over time. It also improves your hair growth.  Cotton has a high moisture absorption capacity which makes hair dry and prone to breakage. Instead of cotton, satin or silk retains the moisture of Hajj hair, keeps it hydrated, and prevents damage. Satin only.  Yaar sleeping on a silk pillow is not necessary for hair growth, it only prevents hair from breakage.

Brush your hair regularly

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It is important to brush your hair regularly. Combing prevents tangles. Brushing promotes hair growth and keeps hair healthy. Combing improves blood flow to your scalp.  Flows better, which improves both the health and growth of your hair. There are many combs that can also be used to apply oil better.  By combing the hair, the tangles in the hair will be cured. Even before going to bed at night, comb the hair well and make hair buns. Brush the wet hair well. If you regularly wash your hair.  If you comb, make your routine, it improves the health of your hair, hair growth is good and also improves your overall health.

Hair care methods

Hair care can be done in many ways, along with nutrition and improving the health of the scalp, hair care is also very important.  Hair care methods include:

Avoiding the sun in summer 

In summer, one should go out in the sun as little as possible.  Hair should be well covered when going outside.  Too much sun heat can damage hair color.  Along with hair color, hair becomes weak and dry. 

Avoid heat styling tools

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The use of heat styling tools should be kept to a minimum. It is better to air dry the hair instead of using a hair dryer.  It also damages the hair by using too much straightener. This causes the protein molecules in the hair to break.  Due to this, the hair starts falling out. Dry your hair with a towel instead of a hair dryer. If using an up hair dryer, use the hair dryer slightly away from the hair. To use the hair dryer, separate the hair into sections. Use a hair dryer once or twice a week, more than that is harmful to the hair.

Use a silk pillowcase

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Using the best pillowcase makes the hair silky and prevents it from breaking. When the hair is less brittle, it becomes thicker.  are also reduced. But you have made a hair style and you have slept, then it also maintains the style of the pull-up and protects the hair from damage.

Smoking is bad for hair growth

Smoking has a very bad effect on your health. By smoking, your blood vessels are constricted, the supply of blood to the hair follicle and scalp is reduced. Along with the blood, the supply of oxygen and nutrients is also reduced.  which is crucial for hair growth. Smoking increases stress and contains many harmful chemicals that damage your body’s cells as well as your hair’s health.  Smoking disrupts your hormones, which slows down your hair growth and inhibits hair growth. This not only affects your hair, but also your overall health.  Quitting smoking is still good for hair growth, reducing stress and restoring balance, but you have to take positive steps.

Fix your diet

To improve hair growth and make them long and strong, you have to pay attention to your diet. If your diet is good, then your hair will be beautiful.  There is no need to use products containing chemicals. There are many nutrients, vitamins and minerals that improve your health. Your diet should include eggs, dairy products, legumes, nuts, seeds, meat, green leafy vegetables, etc.  Apart from this, chia seeds, flake seeds, certifish, etc. are also the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids.  Consuming such a diet improves your overall health. Eating all kinds of food can make many deficiencies worse in you.

Avoid tight hairstyle

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Do not make too tight hair styles because it reduces the growth of your hair. As tight or style makes your hair prone to breakage.  When you create buns, it creates tension in your hair shaft, which makes your hair prone to breakage. This leads to breakage and the risk of traction alopecia.  And scallops are prone to becoming inflamed.  A beautiful and loose hairstyle should be made. This makes your hair beautiful, and silky and avoids tangles.  By opting for an alternative to a tight hairstyle, you can make your hair look long and beautiful, it will keep your hair healthy.

Apply essential oils

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Using essential oils promotes your hair growth. Many essential oils make your hair long, thick, and beautiful.  Rose Mary Oil, Lavender Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and Coconut Oil, are very beneficial for hair nourishment and hair growth. Apply all these oils.  You can use it with any carrier oil and apply it on your hair. After two hours, wash your hair thoroughly. Using these oils makes your hair silky and beautiful.

More hair products

Many hair products in the market that make your hair long, thick, and beautiful. These include keratin treatments, protein masks, and conditioners.  Also, use of aloe vera is very beneficial for hair. Use aloe vera or aloe vera gel both make hair silky long and beautiful. Green tea extract promotes hair growth and hair growth.  In addition, the use of minoxidil tide-based serum improves your hair health.

Comb gently

The hair should be brushed gently. Whether you use an up brush or a comb, both are best. Brushes and combs should have soft bristles.  Apart from this, the hair should be trimmed regularly. Using all these methods, you can not only grow your hair but also maintain it for a long time.


This is the best approach for faster hair growth and better growth. It includes nutrition, how to adjust the lifestyle, proper hair care, nourishing, strengthening, and strengthening the hair.  Promoting Them All these things are told to you in this article that you can follow to get your hair growing faster, but one thing that is told over and over again is patience. Continuing all these tasks with persistence, following these tips can know the secret of healthy, strong, and fast-growing hair. Everyone can make their hair beautiful and strong according to their desires.

People ask question

How can I speed up my hair growth?

There are many ways to faster hair growth. Firstly wash your hair then eat a healthy diet. Trim your hair also.

How can I regrow my hair in 3 weeks naturally?

Eat a healthy diet, use low-heat appliances, and use carrier oil with castor oil, almond oil, etc.

What food helps hair growth?

Nutrient-rich foods, including spinach, eggs, potatoes, and almonds, are good for hair growth.

What foods make hair thicker?

Nuts, seeds, and protein-rich food make hair thicker.

Take good care of yourself,

Good luck.

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