How to stop balding: causes, treatment, and remedies

How to stop balding: You can’t worry about hair loss all the time. Hair loss on a daily basis is not much of a problem, 50 to 100 hair loss a day is normal. But if your hair starts falling out more, then it can become a problem because when the hair falls out a lot you can suffer from baldness.

 Women’s hair falls more than men’s.  And hair loss is caused by more stress.  Excessive hair loss is caused by a weakened immune system due to drug treatments and hair dust, as well as by using horse care products.

 In this article, we will discuss how we can reduce the loss of hair. what methods can be adopted by people suffering from baldness or what causes them to suffer from baldness and what are those things?  If used, they can get rid of baldness.  That is, we will discuss the causes of baldness, its effects and treatment, and also what home remedies we can use to get rid of baldness.

 Hope this information is very helpful for your hair.

Causes of hair loss and baldness

Hair loss occurs differently in women and men. There are different causes of hair loss and baldness. We have many factors such as genetic problems, hormonal imbalance, and so on.  Even environmental factors also cause it. With age, hair starts to fall out and when hair does not regrow then people complain of baldness. 

Some people begin to grow new hairs in their place when they fall out, but for some people, the hairs that do not grow back do not re-grow.  They may suffer from baldness. Also, due to a lack of hair care, they start falling out.

Metabolism can be the cause of hair loss in women and men. Another reason can be stress. Stress in women. Due to excessive hair fall. Also due to lack of nutrition, even if she does not consume the best nutrition in her diet, her hair starts falling due to lack of many vitamins, and minerals.

 In addition, the reason for baldness in women can be hormones, due to the balance of hormones, the hair grows a lot and until those hormones are not in balance, the hair does not re-grow.

Using too much bleach on your hair, and coloring your hair also makes your hair fall more day by day.  Because they contain chemicals that damage your hair follicles. When your hair follicles become too dry, your hair starts to fall out.

How to stop balding

There are many foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that nourish your hair and prevent hair loss.  First among them are iron, biotin, zinc, selenium, melatonin, green tea, amino acids, pumpkin seed oil, and aloe vera, which are very effective for your hair.  They are shiny, and long, and new hair starts to grow in place of your lost hair. Zinc is an element that regenerates the tissues of your hair.  Strengthens the hair follicles which reduces baldness.  Next, we have Selenium that re-grows your hair, provides nourishment to your hair, and strengthens it.

 Melatonin is the hormone that provides relaxation to your mind. When people are under a lot of stress, they start to have a relapse. When they use melatonin, their mind gets peace and rest.  Which reduces their hair fall. In addition, Pumpkin Cells Oil is a hair growth oil that massages your scalp to soothe your scalp and makes your nails look great.

 It also contains amino acids.  Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and your hair is made of protein. We use green tea as a drink that protects you from dryness, itching, and as much as possible. It can also remove inflammation. There are also impurities, but it removes them. 

Also, Aloe Vera is the best source which provides nourishment to your hair, acts as a hair conditioner, and provides length to your hair.  Zinc is also found in some seafood such as oysters, then we have cashews, almonds, egg yolks, dairy and soy products, red meat, and poultry, all of which are rich in zinc.

Home remedies for hair loss

Manage stress

Stress can have a leading effect on your hair.  Stress makes these rules for hair growth.  Due to stress, your hair starts to fall out a lot and become very thin. After removing the hair follicles, your hair starts to grow back to healthy as before. When we manage stress, our mind remains relaxed.  You can do this yoga to reduce stress. You can do daily exercises. When you manage stress or control it then it will be very helpful to stop balding.

Eat healthy diet

Use the best diet.  Also, consume green leafy vegetables, of which spinach is at the top. Food consists of vitamin A, vitamin B, also protein-rich food. It is very beneficial   

Avoid too much treatment

Applying too many treatments to your hair can also weaken your hair. Again, there are different types of treatments that have many strictures and have a lot of cameras that damage your hair.  Also, if your hair is done, you try to straighten it.  Should be used sparingly. It is very effective to stop balding in both male and female patterns.

Provide regular care

Hair should be washed well, care should be taken, and avoid using too many rough towels.  Use a soft cloth.  The cotton cloth will be very useful.  Also, use a soft comb.  Keep hair loose.  If you go outside, cover your head with a scarf. 

Use healthy drink

You should make healthy drinks and it in your diet. These drinks are full of nuts, walnuts, and figs, Date, and add milk. Then make a shake. It improves your hair’s strength and health. When your hairs are strong then reduce hair falling.


Hair loss is not a big problem when your hair falls out in the hair follicle and is replaced by new hair. It is also caused by the weather.  It can be a problem if it starts to fall out, and when your hair is falling out and your new hair is not replacing it, it can also be a problem if you have excessive hair loss.  To begin with, you should use a number of treatments that you can do at home. Take care of your hair. Avoid excessive hair treatments. 

And if apart from all these things, you still have a lot of problems with your hair, then you should definitely consult your doctor or dermatologist who can tell you why your hair is falling out.  What is the reason they can provide you with the best type of treatment? Also, some more tips that are essential for the health of your hair is to massage your hair with the best type of oil.

 Do a massage together and renew your sleep in a perfect way. Seven to eight hours is very important. Sleeping less than seven to eight hours a day puts a lot of pressure on your mind, as well as your health, and has a lot of impact.  and most of all affects your hair. To improve your sleep and pay attention to your food.


People also ask

Is it possible to stop balding?

It is possible, but it depends on the condition. If baldness occurs due to some diseases, for example, alopecia, then we can regrow our hair, but if it occurs due to genetics, then we cannot stop hair loss completely. There are many things and diets we use to stop balding.

Can balding hair grow back?

Yes, balding hair grows back in some cases. If balding occurs due to some medical condition, then it grows back, but if it occurs due to genetics, then it does not stop completely.

How can I stop balding naturally?

There are many natural things that may stop balding, promote hair growth, and provide nourishment.
Such as massaging your scalp, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, using oils, and using hair masks.

Can you stop balding early?

Yes, it is possible to stop balding early by getting enough sleep, avoiding smoking, eating a healthy diet, using a hair mask, managing stress, and eating a proper diet.

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