Basic hair care on a daily routine

Our beauty depends more on our accessories and our accessories include our hair, our skin, and all these things. The natural texture of your hair depends on genetics, it also depends on health.  It depends on the diet, besides the up-medications you are taking, it depends on the hormonal.

 If you have fulfilled all these things then your hair loss is happening because of your diet.  They provide beauty to the face which should be our priority to take care of.

We should wash our hair properly and use remedies, products, and shampoos for hair care.  Do not damage our hair, it is an important part of our body and we should take care of it.

Getting into a hair care routine is like starting a skincare routine. Once you end what works for you, you’ll rarely stray.

 In this article, we will talk about all the hair tips and basic hair care that are very important for our hair and that we should adopt in our daily lives. In which we have styling, conditioner shampoo, etc. 

There are a lot of things that go into the hair tips that many people don’t know about and due to their limited knowledge, our hair starts to fall out and get a lot of damage.

Hairs type

You have different types of hair, you apply any remedy, any shampoo or conditioner on your hair, but you do not know what your hair types are or what type of hair you have, so that remedy or shampoo or any hair mask is not effective on your hair because you don’t know what will suit your hair and what kind of hair you have. What type of hair care tips should take?

What is the type of hair and what kind of remedy appears to be effective on your hair care until that thing is not stable for your hair care then first of all you should see what type of hair you have.

  So now we talk about hair types, so let’s try to understand.

 When you apply anything on your skin, you know what mass, face wash, or cream to use because you know your skin is oily.  If it’s dry, you should also know your hair type. So should easily take information for hair care.

Hair parts:

 Your hair has three parts, the cuticle which is the outermost part, the middle one is the cortex and the innermost is the medulla. For basic hair care, you also know about these hair structures.

The medulla makes up your hair.  There are two things in the medulla, one is the diet we take, whatever nutrition we eat goes to the medulla and one is what you put on the outside of your hair.  There are shampoos and conditioners, and everything you use penetrates your medulla. Here we talk about hair porosity, which means pores.

 It can also be your nutrients to absorb things from outside and also pollution.  The outermost layer of your hair is sometimes packed so tightly that it doesn’t let things in. This is what we call the cuticle.  And if these cuticles are very far away from each other, that means they are a little loose, then we call them high frosty hairs.

What is in the middle of these two, we call medium frosty hairs. If you understand whether what you are after is of low texture or high texture then you can use the remedies in a good way. Low texture hair is very smooth while high texture hair is rough.  but they can be made low-porosity by taking care of high-porosity and using diet. Those who have low-porosity hair should wash it more quickly after their hair.  Also, it would be best if you used a protein mask.

Your natural hair texture or type

There are many other types of hair straight, wavy, curly, and coily.

Straight, Wavy, Curly, Foam

Each has its pros and cons. For example, straight hair usually looks and feels greasy faster than curly hair due to the oil quickly falling down the hair shaft.


If your hair has come into contact with dye, or chemicals, you may need to think very hard about your routine. It is recommended that people with coloured hair do not wash it every day to avoid premature fading and dryness of the color.

And bleached hair may require additional nourishment with conditioner or hair masks.


Do you like straightening your hair? Curly; Of course;

It’s another thing to consider, especially if you’re a fan of using heat tools. If you have specific concerns you want to address

It’s normal to find at least one aspect of your hair problematic, whether it’s frizz, any scalp, or dry, damaged strands.

Knowing the problem is half the battle

However, each routine shares a few key elements


Dead skin will be removed. The skin renews itself approximately every 28 days, and this can be noticeable if the hair is not clean.


Conditioners have many advantages. The main one is hydration, but they also include detangling, shine and frizz reduction.

The main ingredient is called a cationic surfactant.

When hair is wet, it clings, coating the hair to replace the moisture that shampoo may have stripped away.


To add further moisture to the hair, you may want to begin a two-step process known as moisturizing and sealing.

This can be especially helpful for curly or oily hair that tends to be dry.

The goal is to seal in moisture, not dryness, using a moisturizing product and sealing oil.


Unblocking is essential to stop breakage and make your life easier.

But you need to use the right tool, like a wide-toothed comb, to avoid accidentally pulling hair. Depending on your hair type, you may need to pluck every day or less often.


Thanks to many tools and tricks, such as mousse and gel , you can make your hair practically any way you want.

But if you’re a fan of heated tools, you should protect those strands with a heat protectant spray.


Hair that is dealing with spots simply means that you need to pick a speci c area that is bothering you and do something to x it.

Or you’ve noticed that your scalp is very dry, so you apply a super nourishing product designed for that area.

Although most people religiously follow the above steps, there is no set product or tool that you must stick to.

How would you know which type of hair you have:

If you want to see which type of hair you have, take three glasses and fill them with water, take one of your hair stands and dip it in these three glasses. 

If it sinks to the bottom, it means that your hair has high porosity, if your hair stays in the middle, then your hair has normal porosity and if it floats to the top, then your hair has low porosity. If you want basic hair care then you definitely know about hair types.

Basic hair care makes your hair shiny and strong. Hair grows and is healthy.

Other things that affect your hair care:

What are the things that affect your hair? 

These include exposure to the sun, chemical treatments, and regulated protein. These are the things that affect your hair the most if your hair is exposed to all of these things and you still go out in the sun. 

If you use chemical treatments or use regulated proteins then you get more damaged and start to fall out.  I should go out and keep my hair tied and covered so that dust etc. does not get on it because when dust etc. settles in your hair, all the things that are good for your hair are removed from your cuticles. 

If it is not able to be absorbed inside, when it is not able to be absorbed inside, then your medulla slowly starts to lose your hair. You can use blow dryers compared to straighteners.

How can you take care of your hair if you have low porosity hair?

 First of all, you should see which is a chemical-free shampoo that you can use, ACV rinses.  This is something that after you have damaged your hair for any reason, whatever wrong remedy you have used, ACV runs that wash your hair completely, plus hot oil massage.  What to do. Use more things that are full of protein. Medium porosity hair is best. Avoid too much conditioner and chemicals in shampoo. Hair care is very important because without it your hair will dry and frizzy.

Instead, experiment to find what works for you.


Clarifying shampoo. An intense shampoo, with clarifying formulas to remove build-up from hair. Limit use to about once a month as they can strip away natural oils.

“Everyday” shampoo. Used for regular washing, this shampoo may not need to be applied daily as the

the name suggests, but whenever your hair feels like it needs a good cleaning.

Conditioner. The conditioner you use the most is likely to be the one that washes off after a few minutes. It is best applied on the middle and ends, as root application can lead to an oily scalp.

Leave-in conditioner. With this type of conditioner, you apply it the same way but don’t rinse it out. This

allows for an increased level of food.

Mask. For even more hydration, try a deep conditioner. Ideal for hair prone to dryness, these conditioners are designed to last longer.


By using all these hair care tips you can make your hair look great and beautiful.  This will make your hair less fall, stronger, and thicker if you use all these techniques properly and regularly you will definitely get the best results.  Along with these, you should improve your diet and get enough sleep for about seven to eight hours, add in your hair care.

People also ask some questions:

How do I make my own hair routine?

  • Take good shampoo
  • Wash hairs
  • Comb hair perfectly
  • Use ACV rinses
  • Avoid pollution

What are the 5 tips for healthy hair?

  • Healthy diet
  • Oiling
  • Wash your hair
  • Use a protein mask
  • Get enough sleep

Which oil is best for hair?

  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Oliv oil

How to make hair silky?

Avoid your hair from pollution and sun heat, wash it then your hair cuticle absorbs nutrients and hair silky smooth and shiny. Brush your hair.

Should I oil my hair every day?

Not every day, it should depend on your hair. If you have an oily scalp then use oil once a week. If your scalp is dry then twice a week.

What is a good daily hair routine?

Brush your hairs

Avoid straightener

Blow dry

Wash hairs

Good diet

Take good care of your hair.

Good luck.

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