Onion Juice for Hair: The Secret to Healthy Hair

For centuries, people have discovered natural remedies for hair growth and beautification, this continues to this day. Among all these remedies and natural remedies, the most popular remedy is onion juice. Onion Juice is a very effective remedy that gives shine to hair. Some treatments stop hair loss and promote hair growth and new hair growth. Let’s dive into the hard evidence and see if it’s just a rumor or does science research. We have collected all this information to explore and learn about the benefits of onion juice for hair and how to use it, so let’s get started.

According to science

Looking at the size unveiling, what is the reason why onions are so important for hair? Know that love creates blood. Whenever we cut an onion, The eyes begin to water. Onion juice for hair contains many amazing benefits and nutrients, which maintain the health of our hair.

 Nutrients present in onion juice for hair


Keratin is found in large quantities in sulfur. Onion juice for hair is a building block of keratin and protein that is very important for our hair growth. It is said that hair is a protein. So we know from studies that sulfur helps in hair growth in sufficient quantity. Sulfur is found in abundance in onions. Our hair needs it. It can grow hair. 


Onion juice for hair are rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals that damage your hair.  It prevents hair fall and helps fight molecules that damage your hair. Onion juice helps in hair growth and beauty. 

Blood circulation in the scalp

Many studies show that onion juice for hair contains many minerals that improve blood circulation. When the blood circulation is good, our hair’s oxygen is greatly improved. It promotes hair growth. 

Antibacterial properties

 Onion juice for hair helps fight many bacteria and fungi that harm the health of our hair. Onion juice for hair contains natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent hair damage. We can say that onion is an antibacterial. It may be beneficial for individuals struggling with scalp conditions such as dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis, preventing hair growth.

Limited Research on onion juice for hair

To be sure, research on onion juice for hair is scant. A 2002 study showed promising results, with participants consuming onion juice experiencing more hair growth than the control group consuming water. Therefore, we argue that further investigation is needed to understand them further. 

Beyond the science

Although research is limited, many people use onion juice and believe that onion juice promotes hair growth. 

Some information is provided for those interested in using it that is worth noting:

Onion juicing for hair

A blender or food processor is used to extract the onion juice in addition to straining the onion rind.  Also, you can take a muslin cloth and squeeze the blended onions into it.

Usage of onion juice for hair

To use onion juice, apply it directly on your scalp Massage. Apply the onion juice all over your scalp and hair well. Leave it on your hair for one or two hours at most and then wash it off with shampoo. Apart from this, you can also use onion juice mixed with rice flour. We will provide you with the method of use and preparation in our article Home Remedies.


Within a week.  You use it twice because by using it your scalp adjusts itself and hair starts growing slowly. 

The odor from onion juice for hair

Although onion juice for hair has many benefits, many people do not use it because it smells bad. You can mix it with coconut or jojoba oil to get rid of the smell or you can use it in combination with any carrier oil. Also, you can use apple cider vinegar when you wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo to get rid of the smell and reduce the odor to a great extent.

Safety and Limitations

Although onion juice for hair is generally safe for all people, it is said that testing should be done before using onion juice.  The skin is sensitive. Due to this sensitivity, you may feel burning or itching. To avoid this, you can test it by applying a small amount on your arm or skin. Many people use onion juice after using it once or twice they say that it doesn’t matter to them and they leave it.

However, when you have a disease and you go to the doctor for medicine.  Even then, one pill or two pills do not affect you so much, you are given medicine for five to ten days, which slowly affects you. In the same way, onion juice also shows its effect slowly.  It is not a pill that will make you grow long and thick immediately after taking it once or twice. Junaid physical conditions, diet, etc all factors also play an important role in your health.

Although onion juice for hair has many benefits, it also needs a balanced diet. Consuming onion juice frequently and regularly will be very beneficial.


The fact is that we can be sure of this.  Onion is very beneficial for hair care. Sulfur present in it increases blood circulation and provides oxygen, and its anti-oxidants, and anti-fungal properties play an excellent role in beautifying hair. We can say that more research is needed on this. 

All this information is for those who are looking for a treatment that will beautify their hair and provide the best results in less time. It is a cheap and safe treatment.  It is necessary that the more you work, the more beautiful your hair will look. And onion juice is a very easy and best remedy for hair care. I hope all this information is useful to you. So it will be very beneficial.

People ask question

What should be added to onion juice for hair growth?

Sulphur which is present in onions makes the hair strong and thick and prevents the hair from falling. Using aloe vera and coconut oil in onion water is very beneficial.

What chemical in onion is good for hair growth?

Sulphur is a chemical that is found in onions and is very good for hair growth. Makes our hair very strong and helps it grow longer

What happens if we apply onion juice to hair daily?

Using onion juice makes hair grow faster than other products.

How to use onion juice for massive hair growth?

One onion is enough. You can add any oil in it, you can add aloe vera, mix them well, and apply on your hair.

Take care of yourself

Good Luck

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